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Additional photography by Christopher Le, Gary Netherton, Nicholas Peterson, Jenna Salazar, Brianne Johnson and students from art411

Art New Media rotating mark animation by Matthew L. Stoehr
Text editing by Aaron Cheesman

Top page images feature student work randomly-generated from three "themed" libraries of over 200 images. Some pages contain static artwork + photography developed by students.

Additional student work can be seen in the Student Gallery here. Work from department professors can be found in the faculty section. Images from other courses in the Department of Fine + Applied Arts are randomly-generated on our electives page, as well as other secondary pages [such as the one you are reading right now].

The Art New Media logotype and marks were developed as part of an independent project art directed by steve mehallo and worked on Spring semester 2006 by student James Saturnio.

Additional handdrawn renditions were created by students in the Art New Media typography course, artnm350, spring 2006 and appear as elements in the top page image library. The final designs were redrawn, tweaked and redeveloped by steve mehallo.

The Art New Media logotype [text] is set tight in Abrams Augereau, named for Claude Garamond's mentor, Antoine Augereau 1485 - 1534. Drawn for a private press in 1989 by George Abrams, Augereau is a rarity in the type field, only recently made available to the general public as part of the Abrams Legacy Collection.

The Art New Media marks [icons] are based on Paul Renner's 1925 preliminary drawings of the geometric Futura types.

Text for Art New Media’s print materials is set in Priori Sans, Jonathan Barnbrook's remix of early 20th century UK types. Priori Sans premiered on David Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen.

Trebuchet MS

Text at the Art New Media site is programmed to appear in Microsoft Trebuchet, designed by Vincent Connare in 1996. Backup fonts include Verdana, Helvetica, Arial or a generic sans serif. Heds are set in lowercase, a tip of the hat to herbert bayer. If you are viewing this site in Comic Sans, something has gone horribly wrong.

Course numbers are set in Lanston Type Company's digitization of Sol Hess' redrawing of Futura, Twentieth Century. Lanston's version contains Paul Renner's original alternates and oldstyle numerals and is available for student use in the Art New Media Macintosh Lab.

artnewmedia at MySpace

Network with our students, alumni, faculty and friends! Visit Art New Media's MySpace page, developed by Jeanne + steve mehallo and maintained by student Nicholas Peterson.

Thanks go out to Jiayi Young, Betty Nelsen, Craig Smith, Matthew L. Stoehr, Marlene Huttner, Pam Maddock, Aaron Winters, Dan Herrera, Stephen Peithman and Dr. David Newnham for their support and really quick approvals.

Home page news items are added frequently, check back for updates.

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