Art New Media courses at American River College cover a wide spectrum of studies in both traditional + digital art. We provide one-on-one attention and access to a full range of software training.

Work with the latest media tools and learn skills employers seek. Study areas include graphic design, digital illustration, 3d animation + web design. Online classes are also available.

ARTNM 302 Digital Basics for Art New Media (1.5)
only available Spring semester

ARTNM 305 History of Graphic Design (3)
only available Fall semester

ARTNM 310 Design: Fundamentals (3)

ARTNM 320 facial Expression and Anatomy (3)
only available Spring semester
same as ART 306

ARTNM 324 Digital Design (3)

ARTNM 325 Intermediate Digital Design (3)
only available Fall semester

ARTNM 326 Digital Painting (3)

ARTNM 328 Digital Photo Imagery: PhotoShop Basics (3)

ARTNM 330 Intermediate Digital Photo Imagery (3)

ARTNM 332 Digital Video (3)

ARTNM 303 Graphic Design Typography (3)

ARTNM 352 Design for Publication (3)

ARTNM 354 Digital Prepress (3)
only available Spring semester

ARTNM 356 Advanced Projects in Graphic Design (3)
only available Spring semester

ARTNM 358 College Magazine: Art Selection and Editing (1)
only available Spring semester

ARTNM 359 College Magazine: Design and Production (3)
only available Fall semester

ARTMN 370 Introduction to Illustration (3)
same as ART 314

ARTNM 401 Introduction to Web Development and Design (3)
same as CISW 307

ARTNM 402 Intermediate Web Design (3)

ARTNM 404 Interactive Multimedia Basics (3)
same as CISW 365

ARTNM 405 Digital 2D Animation (3)

ARTNM 410 Interactive Multimedia Projects (4)
only available Spring semester

ARTNM 420 Introduction to Digital 3D Modeling (3)

ARTNM 421 3D Character Modeling and Riggin (3)

ARTNM 422 3D Character Animation (3)

ARTNM 423 Special Effects and Texturing in 3D Animation (3)

ARTNM 425 Short Film in 3D Animation (3)

ARTNM 450 Portfolio for Art New Media (3)
only available Fall semester

WEXP 498 Internship in Art New Media (1-4)

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The above data is based on the 2008-9 American River College Catalog. Have questions or need clarification? Go here.

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