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Students pursuing the Art New Media Graphic Design certificate will learn not only the wide array of hardware and software applications used throughout the industry, but will also develop the design fundamentals required to use those technologies wisely.

This certificate focuses on visual communication through form, composition + content and the dynamic relationship between image and typography. It meets current marketplace demands by incorporating both print and non-print media and examining the effect of new technologies on an ever-changing communications field.

Students are encouraged to continue studies in graphic design at a four-year college or in an entry-level position in the graphic design industry.

certificate requirements

Graphic Design
Recommended Order of Study

Semester 1

ARTNM 310 Design: Fundamentals (3)
or ART 320 Design: Fundamentals (3)
ARTNM 303 Graphic Design: Typography (3)
ARTNM 305 History of Graphic Design (3)

Semester 2

ART 323 Design: Color Theory (3)
ARTNM 302 Digital basics for Art New Media (1.5)
ARTNM 328 Digital Photo Imagery - Photoshop Basics (3)
ARTNM 354 Digital Prepress (3)

Semester 3

ARTNM 324 Digital Design (3)
ARTNM 330 Intermediate Digital Photo Imagery (3)
ARTNM 352 Design for Publication (3)

Semester 4

ARTNM 325 Intermediate Digital Design (3)
ARTNM 356 Advanced Projects in Graphic Design (3)
ARTNM 450 Portfolio for Art New Media (3)
WEXP 498 Work Experience in (Art New Media)(1–4)

Total units required for certificate: 38.5–41.5

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The above data is based on the 20012-13 American River College Catalog. Have questions or need clarification? Go here.

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