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Students pursuing the Art New Media Digital Illustration certificate will develop a strong foundational knowledge of traditional fine arts and digital media.

In addition to the traditional areas of editorial, advertising, technical and book illustration, students of the Digital Illustration certificate program will learn to use these skills for animation and concept development. Drawing and painting skills are a focus in both traditional and digital environments.

Students are encouraged to continue their studies in illustration at a four-year college or in an entry-level position as an illustrator.

certificate requirements

Digital Illustration
Recommended Order of Study

Semester 1

ART 300 Elementary Drawing and Composition (3)
ART 304 Figure Drawing and Composition (3)
ARTNM 310 Design: Fundamentals (3)
or ART 320 Design: Fundamentals (3)
ARTH 310 Modern Art (3)

Semester 2

ART 323 Design: Color Theory (3)
ART 327 Painting (3)
or ART 336 Watercolor Painting(3)
ARTNM 302 Digital Basics for Art New Media (1.5)

Semester 3

ARTNM 324 Digital Design (3)
ARTNM 326 Digital Painting (3)
ARTNM 404 Interactive Basics (3)

Semester 4

ARTNM 370 Introduction to Illustration (3)
or ART 314 Introduction to Illustration (3)
ARTNM 405 Digital 2D Animation (3)
ARTNM 450 Portfolio for Art New Media (3)

Total units required for certificate: 37.5

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The above data is based on the 20012-13 American River College Catalog. Have questions or need clarification? Go here.

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