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All Students Spring 2018:

Welcome Back!!

  • Warning: Parking can sometimes be difficult during the first few weeks of the semester.  With the construction taking place and the portable buildings now taking up space in the parking lots, you may want to arrive early, just in case, to find a parking space in the smaller parking lots!  By the way, If you park in a no parking zone, handicap zone, staff parking, etc. without the appropriate placards and/or stickers you will be ticketed!  Parking enforcement will be in full force beginning with the first day of classes!

  • Warning:  If you do not come to the first day of class you may lose your space to someone on the the wait list who does show up for class!

ARC Office Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM  and from 6:30 to 7:00 PM (room 424 or 425, ARC, depending upon room availability) or by appointment.

All ARC Students: 

  • This is just a reminder that the Science Success Center will be open for the Fall and Spring Semesters.. students are taught Study Skills such as annotation of text, paraphrasing, concept mapping, graphics reading, etc, within the context of their science course. All of the homework students do comes from the text, notes and handouts of YOUR course. Research shows that students who finish the SSC have about 15-20% higher success rates than students who do not complete the course. Students are required to have 6 to 8 meetings of 20 to 30 minutes with an IA, and they must complete all of the required homework assignments.

    • If you have any questions about the Success Center, please contact the Success Center directly and talk to one of the IAs (484-8204 or

  • The ARC Career and Job Opportunity Center offers an array of resources to assist students in choosing career options, preparing for employment, and researching current job openings. 

  • The campus IT department recently changed the server for our websites, which changed the addresses of most of the links included in my pages.  I have updated my website, but if you come across a link that doesn't work, please let me know, by contacting me at:

All ARC Students Fall 2017:

  • "Official" Gades have been posted and your grades can also be found on D2L. 

  • Have a great rest of the  Break Everyone!

  • If you haven't already picked up your graded materials, I will have them available upon request during Office Hours, starting this Thursday (1-18-2018) during the first couple of weeks of the Spring 2018 semester.  After then, I will be disposing of any remaining materials.

If you discover any links that do not work or if you encounter any problems please contact me!

  • RIP Leonard Nimoy!  March 26, 1931 February 27, 2015

    • Mr. Nimoy's character of "Mr. Spock" was an inspiration to future scientists everywhere!  He was also a modern-day Renaissance man.  A rare individual, indeed!  He will be missed!

  • RIP Neil Armstrong! First Man on the Moon. Aug. 5, 1930 - Aug. 25, 2012 

    • Armstrong's family suggests amongst other things that "For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."

    • For more information visit:

Cartoon of a person looking through a telescope.

  • Check out the rover "Curiosity" as it investigates the Martian Landscape via the following JPL/NASA website:

Four-winged Dinosaur

Cartoon Sun with Sunglasses

  • For all students:  I came across this great article titled, "Is there life out there?" (June 13, 2002) on AOL.  It describes the discovery of a planetary system very similar to our own!

  • For all students:  Check out this article on the search for water on Mars! 

American flag shaped into a ribbon. Cartoon of several people holding hands around a globe of the Earth.A cartoon of a woman giving comfort/assistance to a sitting man. American flag shaped into a ribbon.


  • The following are just a few of the numerous aid organizations providing relief to the victims of the  Earthquake in Haiti, and other disasters around the world!

    • American Red Cross: to donate contact the Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW  or via the internet at

    • United Way of America at:  

    • The Network for Good includes the sites listed above on a great page of various links to all sorts of non-profit charitable organizations! Check out their website at:

    • Here are some my favorites:  

      • Humane Society of the United States:  The Humane Society of the United States, is working with local officials to provide relief for animals in the affected areas.  

      • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (ASPCA) at:

  • By working together, great things can be accomplished!  Help save a life!

Shaking hands

A cartoon of a saluting military officer, with a flag in the background.                        A cartoon of a woman having her blood pressure checked by a doctor and/or donating blood. 

Be a hero, by being a blood donor!  You  can contact the Red Cross at 1-(800)-933-BLOOD to inquire  about donating blood.  Locally you can contact the SMF (Sacramento) Blood Centers now known as Blood Source at 1-(800)-955-4420 or 1-866-822-5663.  


A cartoon of a woman giving comfort/assistance to a sitting man.Together, we can make a difference! Shaking hands

A cartoon of a woman giving comfort/assistance to a sitting man.                Animated gif of the Earth rotating.                        Cartoon of several people holding hands around a globe of the Earth.

  • By working together we can stamp out hatred and intolerance!

Shaking hands



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