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Geology 300:  Physical Geology with Terry J. Boroughs 


GEOLOGY 300:  (Formally Geology 1)

Physical Geology Lecture

Instructor:  Terry J. Boroughs (American River College) Summer 2017

  • 6 PM to 9:10 PM  (first 8-weeks) (Mondays and Wednesdays) (room 424, ARC)  (LEC - 10468)

  • Syllabus (pdf) (Summer 2017)


 Cartoon image of an astronomer at a telescope  Cartoon of a Space Shuttle Launch Pad Cartoon of a Geology/Geography Classroom Cartoon of a Microscope Cartoon Scientist working with chemicals in a laboratoryCartoon Jeweler or Scientist studying a gemstone set in a ring.    Cartoon Blue Diamond

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Last updated January 16, 2018


Terry J. Boroughs