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Geology 301:  Physical Geology Laboratory with Terry J. Boroughs

Geology 301 (Formally Geology 2):

Physical Geology Laboratory 

Instructor:  Terry J. Boroughs

    • Syllabus (Example)

    • Textbook: Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology by Norris W. Jones & Charles E. Jones       Cartoon of a Girl in a Hammock

    • Authors' Web Site



I'm only teaching Earth Science Lecture and Lab classes during the Spring 2018Semester, so this web page will be on vacation until Summer 2018!


Additional class-related diagrams and/or links that may be of use:

Check out these great links!  ;-)

Cartoon of a person looking through a telescope.

  • Check out this article on the search for water on Mars! 

  • Check out this article on a new class of planets! (i.e. Kuiper Belt Objects!!!)

    • More to come on our Solar System's "minor" planets and the demotion of PLUTO!


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Last updated January 16, 2018


Terry J. Boroughs